World War __?

So, in an interview with CNBC, Bush Jong Il called the Global War on Terrorism… nope, sorry, the Global Struggle Against Violent Extemism (is it still called that? or has it acquired another name?) World War III, and refered to the events surrounding the crash on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania as “our first successful counter-attack in our homeland in this new global war, World War III.”

But didn’t former CIA Director James Woolsey (and prominent neo-conservative thinker) tell CNN just a few years ago that the GWOT or GSAVE or Long War or whatever is World War IV? (The Cold War, and not Operation Dropshot, having been WWIII?)

And didn’t Bullet-headed Ari Fleischer specifically decline to call the hunt for Usama bin Laden et al World War III?

Why stop at World War III or IV? If we count the Thirty Years’ War, or the Seven Years’ War, or the Napoleonic Wars, as world wars — all conflicts waged, to one extent or another, across more than just a sliver of the globe — then the GWOT/GSAVE/WOT(ever) is World War VI or VII!

This is embarrassing. How can our leaders bring us to the promised land — victory — when they can’t even get straight which war they’re fighting?