Jennifer the Mighty

My wife Jennifer was run over by a DC Metro bus in January while she was riding her bicycle home from Misha’s cafe here in Alexandria. She was going north, the bus was going south and making a left turn on a one-way street and clearly didn’t see he when he ran her over. Her right foot was pretty torn up (the bus’ left front wheel apparently came to a rest on her foot, the driver came out to see what happened, and then got back in and moved the bus), needed a couple-dozen stitches, and then got infected. Oh, and she had a huge fracture blister on the top of her foot and tissue began to die. So, some of that had to be removed.

Jennifer was hospitalized for nearly two weeks, needed several surgeries to remove dead tissue, had a wound wac attached to her right foot for a month, and then skin grafts atop the open wounds where no skin could grow.

It was a painful and difficult process. Jennifer was out of commission for all of February and nearly all of March.

But she has gotten better than either her orthopedist or her plastic surgeon. Her skin grafts caught in just two weeks and both her doctors said she was free to walk or ride. So, Jennifer’s been back on a bicycle for the last two weeks, following me around to cafes with wi-fi and then to the bike shop! Today, she rode more than 19 miles (to and from church) and even took the great big hill up North Morgan Street in one fell swoop — no resting and no breaks!

My little girl is back! She’s tired — it’s a lot more riding than she’s done in a long time — but she’s well! A friend called her “Jennifer the Mighty,” for battling a bus and surviving, and she truly is!