Happy Saturday

Nothing really important to say this morning. Biked to “work” — St. Elmo’s Cafe, where I use the wi-fi to get my e-mail and edit Saudi Gazette copy, which is not very good this morning. A lot of stuff on tourism. Yes. Toursim. Saudi Arabia. Go there for your next vacation.

This afternoon Jennifer and I are hitting the bike path, going to visit friends, a shindig at their place in southern Alexandria. It will be crowded, since it is always crowded on weekends. Wish there were fewer cars on the street. My dream is to someday ride a bicycle on an empty US Interstate highway. Sigh….

On the iTunes this morning — Lenny Kravitz. This is music I could make myself, I like the simple way the first CD (Mama Said) is put together, and as soon as we are relocated to Chicago next month, I plan to set the PowerBook up and do just that. Also Abdul Majid Abdullah. Saudi Arabia’s biggest pop star. You heard me.