Not Dead Yet

Hello everyone (to those few readers out there who might be in any way interested), I apologize for not having blogged in at least a fortnight, but my wife and I have been busy moving to Chicago, hauling lots of boxes of books up flights of stairs (fun, that) and getting settled in. Well, now we are settled (more or less) and I can get back to things.

Got DSL today. I liked how SBC/AT&T did this. The original promise for phone/DSL was late Monday, and we had a dialtone Monday morning. But the automated phone call I got Friday afternoon promised DSL hookup for Wednesday. It became active sometime late Tuesday, which is better than I thought it would be but not as good as they originally promised. Splitting the difference, I suppose.

Jennifer and I live in Hyde Park, in an apartment owned by the Lutheran School of Theology, where I will be working on a Masters of Divinity this fall. We’re beginning to get a feel for the neighborhood, and I can see they need a decent bike shop. Because there doesn’t appear to be one here.