Election Day

Today is Election Day across the United States of America. I am not voting for two reasons, one practical and one principled:

1) Until I get the opportunity to cast a paper ballot, marked with an indelible ink pen, that will be counted by hand, I will not vote. Voting machines of all kinds — scan sheets, touch screens — are overkill. And over-engineered. And too easy rigged. Nope. Not gonna do it.

2) Voting is a useless exercise in so far as actually determining state policy. What it is, essentially, is the sacrament of an idolatrous religion called “democracy,” the goal of voting being to legitimate the state and the oligarchy who rule. I do not consider the process legitimate, nor do I subscribe to the values that oligarchy, particularly the notion that mass society must be professionally managed. (Politically, I am an anarchist, but have come to the same conclusion that Hans Hermann Hoppe did, that if people must be ruled — meaning that if there is no choice but the creation of human political government — then limited monarchy is the only good way to do it.) As long as there are no real choices, meaning as long as one can only choose which flavor of welfare-warfare state you will live in, then I will not give my active consent to its existence.

That said, it would be nice if Democrats managed to gain control of both houses of Congress, largely because there needs to be some kind of brake or at least attempt to restrain the Bush Jong Il regime. Not that the Democrats are any better — as a party, they are just as committed to the welfare-warfare state as Republicans are, just as committed to economic and military interventionism at home and abroad.

So, I hope the Dems gain control of both the House and the Senate. That is unlikely. What is likely is that they will gain control of the House. But, since one misunderestimates Bush Jong Il and Karl Rove at their own risk during election time (Bush knows how to campaign, and he is very, very good at it), I am not ruling out the very likely possibility that Republicans will maintain control of both houses of Congress.

Gonna be a lot of unhappy people in Hyde Park if that happens.