A Right & Proper Result

Well, I did not expect the Democrats to do as well as they did on Tuesday. From the standpoint of merely having a check on the executive. I hope there are some serious hearings about the war, with hard questions asked. And there may be. But I won’t be disappointed if there isn’t.

I have no love for the Democrats. But I cannot say, right now, that they are much worse than Republicans. Statists are statists, and Theodore Roosevelt was a bad as Woodrow Wilson (or George Bush as bad as Bill Clinton) from the standpoint of what he believed the president — and the state — ought to do. There is no non-state party, and hasn’t been for some time. Now, as long as politics is all about using state power, coerscion, to accomplish things, then there may never be a non-state party. Which is just one more reason for not voting…

One more thing. I cannot think of two people who deserve each other more than George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi.