Asking the Wrong People the Wrong Question

House Minority Leader (and semi-professional whiner) John Boehner (R-OH) supposedly shed tears Thursday evening during the “debate” (cough cough) on the war funding resolution. The actuality I heard on NPR was pretty disgusting (it is not the first time Boehner has used outrage to tears for alleged dramatic effect), and here’s Boehner at his angriest and saddest, apparently addressing the House Democratic leadership for their supposed “softness,” as quoted by John Nichols in The Nation:

“After 3,000 of our fellow citizens died at the hands of these terrorists, when are we going to stand up and take them on? When are we going to defeat ’em?” demanded Boehner. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, if we don’t do it now, and if we don’t have the courage to defeat this enemy, we will long, long regret it. So thank you for the commitment to get the job done today.”

Where has Boehner been since late 2001, when American forces took military action in Afghanistan, or since March of 2003, when the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iraq began? He has a question on when people are going to “stand up” to the terrorists, he needs to ask the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You know, the people the Republicans have for six years now been claiming have inherent chief executive rights to wage war n’ stuff?

He has any complaints in that regard, that’s where he should direct them.