On Not Voting

Tomorrow is Super-Duper Tuesday, the day of all the state presidential primaries. Maybe it ought to be called “Very Special Tuesday.” I think that would be more appropriate.

I am, of course, not voting. I am registered to vote, but only because that’s the best and easiest way to established residency in order to get the other little bits of high-tech plastic one needs to function in a bureaucratic social democracy. I have no intention of voting. Maybe not ever again.

I am an anarchist with monarchist sympathies. Not for any existing pretender — there are no American pretenders and if there were they wouldn’t be serious people anyway — though I might swear allegiance to the most drunken aspiring prince at any roulette wheel in Monaco. Nor am I much on the divine right of kings to rule. Rulership belongs to God alone. But I have been swayed by Hans Hermann Hoppe’s arguments about the superiority of monarchy to democracy (outlined in a previous essay, this one I think). Republicanism, nation-states and popular sovereignty are the current bad ideas and compelling delusions ruling the world (there’s always likely to be a few), and they shall be with us for a while. And as an American, I am forced to live in and support an empire I don’t want to live in or be a part of. Unless I can emigrate somewhere small and decent. I still dream of Uruguay. Or a quaint grand duchy somewhere…

And now, to bed. Today was a long day. Tomorrow shall be a long day too.

One thought on “On Not Voting

  1. Interesting combination, an anarchist with monarchist sympathies. But it is more common that you might guess. Who becomes a Monarchist these days must swim against a huge tide of conformists.

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