Who Would Jesus Vote For?

The Nation asks that question this week, noticing that an alleged new generation of evangelical Christians aspire to use the state in a different way. That is, rather than bombing foreigners (or solely bombing foreigners, given the desire for humanitarian intervention), these “new” evangelicals want to deal with, and solve, poverty, disease and inequality as well. Solve them in the same way they solve “humanitarian” disasters in the near and far abroad. Bombing the poor? Militarily occupying the disenfranchised? Fat, no-bid, cost-plus contracts for all involved?

The answer to the question, “Who Would Jesus Vote For?” is nobody. Jesus wouldn’t even vote. He was not a citizen of the Roman Empire, and he would not stoop (or be reduced) to citizenship of any nation-state, nor faith in any political ideology or party. His disciples would ask who he would vote for, and misunderstand Jesus’ answer as advocating some opinion or another. Which it wouldn’t. And that includes mine.