Recycle or Reuse?

Noticed this on the back of a bottle of Simply Limeade. A bottle that I have been reusing to keep limewater in…

I mean, I don’t get it. Isn’t reusing a form a recycling? Well, whatever. So far, I’ve not dropped dead or gotten sick, nor has the bottle sprung holes or disintegrated. So why they say “Do Not Reuse” is beyond me. Don’t know if this is another federal law or rule that I’m disobeying (because I am likely in violation of some number of federal laws and rules at any moment I am breathing), but if it is, maybe I should say that I’m planning to recycle the bottle now.

I’m not. It’s a nice bottle. For reusing.

One thought on “Recycle or Reuse?

  1. I think they say this because of concerns about the plastic chemicals leaching into your beverage. This is why they say not to reuse plastic water bottles, and it is the reason for a recent upsurge in stainless steel reusable water bottles. There was a study done a few years back about the off-gasing of plastic bottles.

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