Attention to Detail

What’s wrong with this picture of Pentagon spokesguy Geoff Morrell?

(Aside from the fact he looks like a plastic Dan Rather puppet?) 
The Pentagon is NOT in Washington. I know, this is a tawdry bit of detail to focus on, but it really toasts my poptarts. The Pentagon is actually in Arlington, Virginia. I’m not sure why the folks who run the place insist on placing the five-sided asylum in DC, save maybe that it will confuse too many people if the sign behind Morrell said, “THE PENTAGON – Arlington, Virginia.” Perhaps it is designed to show we have a united, unified government, in one place sitting atop one people policing and securing one world. Who knows.
It wouldn’t be THAT hard to actually put the Pentagon in DC. Because that’s where it ought to be. The best — and easiest — way to deal with the lack of voting representation DC residents have in Congress would be to give most of the District of Columbia to Maryland (either give it to the counties surrounding or make it two small city-counties, Georgetown and Anacostia) with the core of the district — I think everything south of K St., west of the Anacostia River and east of Rock creek — to be retained by the Feds as the capital district. Everyone residing within these bounds would then be listed as a Maryland resident for purposes of voting and representation. 
Then expand the district back across the Potomac to include the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, the Navy Annex, Ft. Myer, and Crystal City south to include National Airport. Everyone “residing” there would be considered a Virginia resident for purposes of representation. (DC residents would vote in federal elections but not state or local ones.) I wouldn’t even bother having this rump city run by an elected council, but rather by a joint congressional committee with some appointed non-Congress members to help. Maybe appoint a high commissioner to oversee day-to-day activities or something.