Yeah, But Not *TOO* Broke

House Speaker John Boehner apparently said this recently to CNN’s Kathleen Parker:

“Well, if you really want to talk about what the ‘Sputnik moment’ is,” he replied, “it’s the fact that we’re broke. And American people know we’re broke.”

Too broke to fight two wars, ya think? Or dominate the world? No, probably not THAT broke. I’m guessing NEVER that broke.

Some writers over at The American Conservative think the moment will come when, having to choose between sending soldiers to fight in foreign countries and pay for grandma’s health care, conservatives will choose grandma. But I don’t think so. I think for many Republicans (possibly even most), grandma is expendable. National greatness is not.

UPDATE: I should add, at this point, I think more than a few Democrats will vote to throw grandma under the tank too.