The Power of Music

It’s time for a cute little blog entry. Today will be a long day, filled with much seriousness. So, time for something not so serious…

I’m a Madness fan. There is no good explanation for this. I just love the way their music sounds, and I love how it is put together. I’ve seen the band live once, in 1986 in San Francisco during the Mad Not Mad tour, and they were far better live than I expected. I’m not entirely sure why or how their music speaks to me, but I know it does. 
Anyway, I was listening to “The Sun and the Rain” this morning (from the U.S. version of their 1984 CD Keep Moving) and was somewhat stunned to realize than even after 25 years, the string arrangement for this song still has the power to make my neck hairs stand on end. Oh, to write something like that! If only once!
I’m now going to go splash some very cold puddles outside!