On The Spot Guidance

Here is the Great Successor Kim Jong Un (do the North Koreans even call anymore comrade anymore?), the “Genius among the geniuses,” talking with his minions from Acme about the bat-wing rocket sled and the anvil balloon and the best way to use iron birdseed and a powerful electromagnet to catch the roadrunner giving some kind of “on-the-spot guidance” (Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were always giving on-the-spot guidance to farmers and factory workers and soldiers and students) to a collection of North Korean soldiers.

I! Love! Those! Hats! No, those aren’t hats, they’re half-turbans! Perhaps they double as flotation devices. Maybe they work like frisbees, and allow North Korean soldiers to while away the time — when they aren’t singing songs in praise of the “Genius among the geniuses.”