The Teller-Ulam Device

This appeared on the back cover of an issue of The Living Church, the Episcopal Church magazine, from late September 1952. But, oddly enough, it looks like the kind of thing Slim Pickens might have ridden down to the ground from the belly of a B-36 or a B-52:
The Drip-O-Lator is, apparently, not just a coffee pot, but apparently is an industrial coffee pot, designed to produce coffee (and possibly crack complex hydrocarbons) on an industrial scale. I suspect some of these are still used in churches across the land, bubbling and cracking coffee for the worshiping masses so they may fellowship with some comfort.
The Drip-O-Lator hasn’t been made in years, and the factory in Masillon, Ohio, is probably a crumbling, rusting hulk. Marion-Kay, the folks selling the vanilla mentioned in the box advert, are still in business in Brownston, Indiana. Perhaps they have one of these bunker-bustintg coffee pots in their employee cafeteria, still bubbling away, the sludge at the bottom forming new chemical compounds and polymers never seen by humanity.
But if you want one of these, E-Bay is where you need to go. Mostly, people sell the small, personal models, ones that don’t appear to have or need a heating coil (you put them on the stove?). But there are a few large models available, including the one advertised above. It’s the kind of thing that keeps an Air Force flying, or a church congregation worshiping.