Is it Pseudo-Science if it’s Peer-Reviewed?

Ahh, the 1970s. If you remember them, you either weren’t there or were too young to have done anything really interesting. The second one is me.

And yet I was old enough to remember enough about UFOs, Leonard Nimoy hosting In Search Of, Uri Geller and Reader’s Digest books about Nazca Lines and pyramids and ancient astronauts. (No, you do not want to know how I know about Reader’s Digest books on these subjects. So please do not ask.) So when I came across this, my heart was filled was much nostalgia for a lost era, when nonsense approached something resembling respectability. The JKM Library at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago has this journal in its collection (at BF1001.S47, if you must know):

I’m not going to say much more about this (“Do Fairies Exist?” Really?), save to say that I’d never heard of N-Rays until coming upon this journal, and it seems either utterly pointless or amazingly self-evident to wonder whether something completely fictitious is related to something that doesn’t exist. (Or the height of absurdist humor.)
Maybe I should go try and bend some spoons now…