A Sweet Little Song to Contemplate John 3:16

At some point, I’m going to abolish my songblog — it never was able to accomplish what I wanted — and migrate all of that content over here. Or just republish a thing or two.

So, this is a song I wrote Saturday. It was also my children’s sermon for the second Sunday of Lent this year. I wrote songs as children’s sermons whenever I can. But they’re not always children’s song.

Anyway, I explained that while we often try to figure out what the Bible means, sometimes we should hear the words, and contemplate them. I’m not sure they got the meaning of contemplate or not, but I said a song where we repeat things — say them over and over — helps with that sometimes.

No, there weren’t two of me singing this morning.

One thought on “A Sweet Little Song to Contemplate John 3:16

  1. Thank you for this. I used it as a noon-time meditation today, and now the tune and words are living in the air around me as I work.-Audrey

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