Baba Yaga, President of South Korea

Trolling the North Korean daily newspaper Rodong Shinmun today, I came across a three-part article, “We Accuse Park the Bitch,” dedicated to Park Guen-hye, the current president of the Republic of Korea (the Korea south of the DMZ). I’ve had uncharitable thoughts about American presidents — oh, George W. Bush comes to mind — but not quite like this:

South Korea once had an idiot-president called Lee Myung Bak notorious for his misconduct and wickedness. People gave him a nickname a “man of 2MB”, sneering at his low intellectual faculty.  

Also coming next to no one was former U.S. President Bush for his political ignorance. And now Park Geun Hye, a witch sister, has come forth far surpassing Bush in foolishness. 

During her recent trip to some countries, this ugly old maid let loose a strain of abuses at us. Lacking in her ability to think and judge in her own way, she just parroted what had been told by cowardly runaways and villains of her “National Intelligence Service”. She has eyes, ears and mouth as good as any of us but she cannot judge what is right or wrong after seeing and hearing things, and her mouth never calls a spade a spade. She is not worth the name of a politician. She is a pumpkin, a witch full of hatred for her fellow countrymen.  

President as she is, she knows damn all. She is utterly ignorant of how the world is faring and how it is changing.  

They say she is well over her 60s, she is growing older and older only to be more wicked and more foolish.  

We warn you, old girl Park, to be a little prudent in your speech and action, or you will smart for it.  

— Kim Hyok, student of Hamhung Teacher Training College No. 2

Apparently, during a trip to Holland and Germany, Park talked about Germany as a model for Korean reunification, a subject that drove North Korean commentators — because there’s no distinction between commentary and news in a North Korean newspaper — nuts.

I’m curious as to exactly what kind of insult “pumpkin” is in Korean.