The Greatest Distance

Long ago, in my despair (it was when I was in the Army, in Monterey), something came to me. A realization, one I’ve kept with me ever since.

The greatest distance in the universe is between zero and one. Between nothing and something. If nothing is all you’ve had, then that chasm feels uncrossable, unbridgeable, an expanse as wide and as deep as infinity itself.

But get to one, and you understand. Where there is one, there can be two. And where there are two, there can be many.

I say this today remembering that time, nearly 30 years ago, when I felt lonely and unloved, for a vastly different reason. E-mail is beginning to trickle in from readers of my book, people I do not know, people I’ve never heard of, in places I’ve never been. Thanking me.

First one. Now two.

They are coming.

There will be many.

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