An Update

I apologize for very light blogging this week. We have been putting stuff in boxes and storing it. This has not been a easy and pleasant task. I’m also on deadline to actually write something for money, so, of course, I am procrastinating about it (I always do best with deadlines breathing down my neck) and writing nothing about it in the meantime.

A reader asked how my big driving job went. Very well, I think, well enough to earn a little money, get me out and and about in nice car, and meet some interesting people. It is done, and now Jennifer and I are moving on. We are leaving Chicago to stay with friends in Cincinnati. I still don’t know what my next paid employment will be, or what it will look like, and that’s somewhat disconcerting right now. But such is life.

The hope is to resume regular blogging in a few days. I know, I know, I’ve promised that before…

The Least in The Kingdom

It’s been a busy week, and I’ve not really had time to sit down and do any serious — or even casual — blogging. (But I have a long list of things to blog about. So, there’s that…)

I noticed something going over the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew (chapters 5-7, beginning with the blessings and ending with the authority of Jesus), and it deals, I think, with the writing I’ve been writing about on the torah, the teaching God gave through Moses to Israel in Sinai (both in Exodus-Leviticus and Deuteronomy). Continue reading

Everybody Must Get Stoned!

It’s good to be back at the keyboard after a long week of driving around Chicago. There was €€€ involved, so I won’t complain too much, especially given our current circumstances.

But the driving wasn’t constant, and I had a little downtime, mostly to read and take notes. And I’ve got a handful of blog ideas I’m mulling over. The next week should be reasonably productive. However, Jennifer and I are packing up our worldly belongings and will be leaving Chicago. I’m hoping part of this involves a book tour — churches and bookstores across this fair land! — later this spring. So, blogging will be lighter than normal here as well for a bit. Until the last box is stowed away… Continue reading

What it Really Means That Christians Are Sinners Too

A reader asked me about my post, Toward a Biblical Sexual Ethic,

I do appreciate your panoramic treatment of the Scripture story when you deal with issues. It’s refreshing, totally. However, in the spirit of “what would you do if…” questions – what happens if you are brought to a position of leadership in a local church where there is congregational support to ordain to leadership a non-celibate gay or lesbian? Where would you come down on that matter? Just trying to figure out where your “gray” becomes “black and white”.

I’m not sure I answered well. I’m not sure this is going to be much of an answer either. Continue reading

Toward a Biblical Sexual Ethic

Nothing seems to be dividing the church (at least in the relatively wealthy West) quite like the matter of sex. Particularly homosexuality, and whether or not gays and lesbians can be included in the community of those called to follow Jesus.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni put it starkly in a recent column when he wrote that church teachings stating homosexuality is a sin is a “choice” that “prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since — as if time had stood still, as if the advances of science and knowledge meant nothing.” Continue reading