An Update

I apologize for very light blogging this week. We have been putting stuff in boxes and storing it. This has not been a easy and pleasant task. I’m also on deadline to actually write something for money, so, of course, I am procrastinating about it (I always do best with deadlines breathing down my neck) and writing nothing about it in the meantime.

A reader asked how my big driving job went. Very well, I think, well enough to earn a little money, get me out and and about in nice car, and meet some interesting people. It is done, and now Jennifer and I are moving on. We are leaving Chicago to stay with friends in Cincinnati. I still don’t know what my next paid employment will be, or what it will look like, and that’s somewhat disconcerting right now. But such is life.

The hope is to resume regular blogging in a few days. I know, I know, I’ve promised that before…

One thought on “An Update

  1. Still waiting for my own computer to be fixed after 2 weeks – new power supply didn’t do it, now a new motherboard — I’ll let my son-in-law IT professional do that swap; hopefully back up in a few days. To make it more comical, my wife’s computer went incoherent several days ago. Now tonight it’s finally working again, thanks to new hard drive with different Mac OS version from IT professional in Chicago, a sort-of-in-law. So I’m relieved in a way that I haven’t missed reams of commentary on your site; but also of course hopeful that it will pick up now that I can read it.

    Peace to you on your journeys. And faith, hope and love.

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