Dream A Little Dream

Just so you know, it’s not all despair and misery here right now. We’re not sleeping in a tent or beneath an overpass, or selling plasma, or auctioning internal organs on e-bay, though all those things remain options.

A bit about my faith. I can scream at God precisely because I know God isn’t going to abandon me. I can wish God would leave me alone because I know there absolutely no risk of that. Ever. I’ve come to see it as a matter of faithfulness to get angry with God. A good friend of mine goes farther and makes demands of God. Which I am beginning to do. Along the lines of, “you called me to follow and then you brought me out here, and now you had damned well better take care of us.”

Actually, I’d like something more than daily bread. A job, for starters, and a home of mine own. I haven’t had either of those things for more than a year. I’m almost not sure what is involved in having them anymore.

But I do still have a song I my heart. I split my practice time between my Bible songs — I have a list of 16 I wrote, based on my Lion & Lamb playlist from a few years ago — that I have more or less committed to memory. With the exception of the opening song, they go chronologically through the Bible. They are fun songs, and I look forward to playing them at your church. Or for your group. Or whatever.

I occasionally play through some of my non-church originals, stuff I wrote over the course of the last 30 years. But I don’t play those songs often anymore.

And finally, I have some covers, mostly old pop tunes. What I taught myself the ukulele for. Here’s what I’m working on:

Button Up Your Overcoat
Just the Way You Look Tonight
My Blue Heaven [the whole song]
Dream a Little Dream
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Sloop John B
The Sun and the Rain
All I Have to Do is Dream
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Carolina in the Morning [I’m still not sure if I will play all of this]
Tonight You Belong to Me
It’s Only a Paper Moon
Blue Skies [All of it]
Rhythm of the Rain
On Moonlight Bay [All of it]
What A Wonderful World
I Can See Clearly Now
The North Korean National Anthem [Which is actually a fun little tune to play…]
Together Now, Very Minor

And then I have a few guitar cover songs

I Shall Be Released
Steppin’ Out [Yep, the Joe Jackson song]
Kid Gloves / America [Medley]
Down In The Dip
Am I The Only One?
For No One

And right now, a day’s a pretty good day if I can run through at least one set of songs.

One thought on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. It’s a Jewish traditional habit to argue with God. Maybe bargaining and reasoning like Tevye, or an angry “why?” thrown up at the sky for bad fortune come at an especially bad time. So far as I know, tradition doesn’t say it’ll work, but what could it hurt?

    Sloop John B was one of my early favorites.

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