I Have Become a Verb

A reader of Rod Dreher’s blog has this to say in response to a posting Dreher made about the church in the West:

If bold theologically sounds leaders started arising they would be chased out of churches because it would make people uncomfortable. Eventually they would find a crowd, especially the more charismatic ones. It would take a person of the stature, learning, and erudition like Karl Barth to make it though. Your average bold and theologically sound person would probably end up with a small church or Featherstoned out of the denomination as a minister.

Blush. Well, I have no idea how bold or theologically sound I am. I don’t think I’d make those claims for myself. (Annoying, possibly, and most assuredly theologically certain.) I’m not sure where the crowd is yet, but maybe that’s because I just need to go outside and preach and see what happens.

What would it take to get this to become general usage?


One thought on “I Have Become a Verb

  1. If I knew how, I would send this citation to the Oxford Unabridged for future reference (so to speak) – there must be some standing committee accumulating snippets of usage. But you probably need more than one citation to rank an entry.

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