First Interview!

Well, here is my first interview, with Sonny Delfyette of the Family Life Network. They are also giving away 20 copies of my book. (Which you should read if you have not.) So, if you live in the Western New York / Pennsylvania area, enter to win!

Anyway, follow the link above, and listen to the podcast!

I do need to find a better way to introduce myself, and I have worked out a better answer as to what Christians ought to think of their Muslim neighbors (based, of course, on Matthew 25). But generally, I’m happy with this, and I hope some good things come of it! Soon!!!

Now God, more of this, please.

One thought on “First Interview!

  1. I listened to your interview. I do have a suggestion for work–here in Louisville , Catholic Charities helps resettle immigrants from the Middle East. Someone with your background could be excellent for that kind of work, if you want to do it. They do hire interpreters, although I’m not certain how much they pay them. If you’re interested, I could try to find more information. I do note that, while they are interested in people in people who know Arabic, a lot of the immigrants who resettle in Louisville are from Somalia and speak Somali and may not know Arabic.
    انا نفسي أفكر في الانخراط في هذا العمل او مثله ولكن قدراتي اللغوية و تدريبي لا تمتد إلا إلى اللغة العربية الفصحى ولست قادرا على التكلم بالصومآلية و خبرتي في اللهجات العربية المتفرقة والعديدة هي محدودة للغاية

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