There is a Future

I’ve been whining lamenting a lot in the last year or so, being unemployed and waiting — so very much waiting — for book stuff and all that to happen that I’ve not articulated much of a vision for the future.

I have written about an intentional Christian worshiping/living community, something semi-monastic. It’s an idea I still like.

But there’s the immediate situation.

Jen and I need work. I have not had a proper job for more than a year, and haven’t had any luck finding one. We’ve also not had a proper place to live in this time, which makes finding some place to settle … difficult. We’ve been kept up by the kindness of dear friends and absolute strangers. It’s been amazing.

But … there’s nothing quite like having a hovel of your own. Jen and I have not had that for a while. That wears on you.

That said, we are also very, very flexible. I am willing to hit the road and talk about my book, or even preach and sing the gospel to those who are interested. (I sing pretty good, and I’ve got a nice collection of songs that tell the Bible story almost from front to back!) There’s nothing holding us anywhere except, well, where do I go to speak? Who wants to listen? (If that’s you, let me know…) This is why I hope the Family Life Interview, and the coming piece in Christianity Today, result in some interest.

Further, I’ve decided I need to also make a little music available on iTunes and Spotify. I have very much wanted to work with other musicians, and have some professionally made stuff (if possible), but honestly, I’ve been making and recording my own music myself for 30 years. I think I’ve learned a thing or two, and if I keep the recordings very simple, and focus on a handful of solid, and very catchy songs, maybe something will come of it. I’d like this done by the beginning of August, if possible. I’ve got the tools, I just need the physical space to record.

Also, it would be nifty to record a collection of Advent and Christmas songs. On the ukulele.

Right now, however, it looks like more wilderness time. I hate the wilderness, but there has always been manna, and water from the rock, and God has always led and protected us with pillars of cloud and fire. (t doesn’t feel that way sometimes, but Israel wasn’t all that grateful to God either!) If anyone out there can help — work leads, church leads, you want me to come speak, you have a cabin in the woods or an unused camper or even a great big tent we can stay in, whatever — that would be great.

Mostly, though, I want to meet you. Meet the Jesus in you. And talk to you about meeting Jesus in the midst of fire and terror, at the World Trade Center, on 9/11. And I think you, your church, your group, would really like to hear that.

UPDATE: House concerts are also a definite possibility. Come invite me to sing the Gospel at your house!

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