New Music

Okay, so this is what I’ve been busy with the last few days:

And this

Now, perhaps this could have been to better use oh, I don’t know, looking for work. (Not that I’m having success on that front either).

I need to create a music page, and post a permanent link to the Christianity Today essay. Let me know what you think of the music.

One thought on “New Music

  1. Your style reminds me a lot of my son Aaron, who goes by Aaron Corwin for music ( ) and writing ( ).

    Aaron got pretty soured on anything Judeo-Christian during his time as a chaplain’s assistant in the Army just before 9/11. (He was stationed in Saudi in the fall of 2000.) His themes and images tend toward pagan, but I think there’s more J-C there than meets the eye at first. Not that he’d ever admit it.

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