Two New Songs

I have two new songs — and I mean new, I wrote them during the last two weeks — over at SoundCloud. Please give them a listen…

“Fighting the Wind” is taken from bits and pieces of Matthew, but it was mostly about Jesus telling the disciples (as they faced a storm, and then as he walked upon the water) not to be afraid. And the disciples being afraid when they come upon the empty tomb, and are told Jesus is off to Galilee.

The second song, which I wrote at the end of last week, is based on the Ephesians reading for last Sunday — 2:11-22, and it was one of those deeply inspired pieces of music. I sat down with the guitar, my Bible, fixed the capo, stemmed that first Bbm/Fm progression, and had the melody and words immediately. I have no idea where it comes from. That happens a lot, and I both really like it and am deeply unnerved by it. Because I feel like I’m being used the τοῦ ἁγίου πνεύματος (the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Breath, which is actually a better rendering, simply because breath is what animates us, brings us to live, and it’s what Jesus gives us again.)

Anyway, I like both these songs. I hope you do too.

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