Blogging Will Be Light for a While

Hey everyone, just an update. Blogging will be very light for for next month of thereabouts, as I have just started a full-time job (yay! It is not the best job I’ve ever had, but it will do for now) and I am taking the H&R Block tax course three evenings a week. I have have my hands full, if not necessarily my mind.

Hey, if no one’s calling me to be a pastor, I have to do something…

6 thoughts on “Blogging Will Be Light for a While

  1. Well Paul had a tentmakers period didn’t he? Moses was in the wilderness for a while wasn’t he? Even if you end up in some type of part time ministry, that would be cool. I thought with your background a number of churches could pool their resources for some type of multicultural mission?

    Here’s hopin….

  2. Hi Charles,

    Another thing, have you ever thought of “crossing the border” and approaching ACNA for ministry ? Not sure if they are in your region though.


    • I have queried several proper Anglican bodies, ACNA being one of them. No one has gotten back to me. I’m assuming they are not interested.

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