Your Prayers Are Needed

I don’t do many personal appeals here, but I want to ask you all to pray for a 15 year-old girl who I’ll call Andrea whose safety and life are at risk right now. I don’t entirely know how to explain how she found me — it seems abused and neglected teenagers know how to find me online, even when coming across me happens entirely by accident.

And Andrea needs the prayer. I received a very anxious text message from her very early this morning in which she feared that she — and possibly her mother — were in danger of being hurt. Given what has happened to her in the last few days, I have every reason to believe she is at risk.

So pray. Pray without ceasing. For the strong, protective arm of God, for the mighty and overwhelming salvation of the Lord, and for the vengeance of God against those who have done her harm. Pray without ceasing for a young woman who needs, more than anything, to know she is not alone. That God loves her.

UPDATE: Andrea is fine. I do not know what happened to her early this morning, but she is safe now. Keep praying, though. She needs a lot of prayer.

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