Preaching This Sunday!

I should have posted this earlier in the week. For anyone who is interested, has a free Sunday, and is not far from Kingston, New York, I am preaching at the following three churches (yes, three) on Sunday, December 27:

  • Memorial Lutheran Church at 1232 Route 308 in Rhinebeck. Service begins at 8:30.
  • Third Lutheran Church at 31 Livingston St in Rhinebeck. Service begins at 9:45.
  • And finally, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 7412 S Broadway in Red Hook. Service begins at 11:00.

All three congregations are part of the Lutheran Parish of Northern Duchess County, and I will be filling in for Pastor William Starkweather (thank you for the opportunity to serve God’s people this way). If you can come, please do, and hear the word preached!

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