Some Very Good News for a Change!

Good morning all! There have been times, like the last two weeks, when I kind of lose my will to blog because I get worried about all the other things I have to do. Recently, that meant dealing with — and worrying about — my inability to find a job.

Well, I am employed now, as a reporter for the Columbia Basin Herald in Moses Lake, Washington!

What that means for this blog is that I’m going to focus a great deal more on scripture commentary and a lot of the social criticism I do — which isn’t much — will drop. I still have to finish my reflections on Joshua, and then move on to something else. And I still want to regularly reflect on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. However, know this: I don’t believe that faith in God is somehow separated or isolated from ordinary, secular life.

But … work! Paid work! So, say a prayer and thank God and pray for courage and strength. The ministry I do with abused kids still continues (I had hoped to get a night a decent sleep Sunday before my first day of work, but God sent several young women my way who needed kindness and the courage to walk away from abusive situations), and my call to what we Lutherans call “word and sacrament ministry” is still as strong as ever. I am, however, committed to this calling reporting and writing in Washington, doing it well, doing it right, and doing it for a couple of years. I’m tired of wandering, and would like a home.

So, we’re here. Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. May the Lord be with you all!

3 thoughts on “Some Very Good News for a Change!

  1. Praise God Charles ! That’s good to hear. Its the backdoor into TV evangelism (just joking). Iwas hooing God would give you a bit of a reprieve.


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