Sunday Blessings

It has come to my attention that this blog, once upon a time, was breezier and more day-to-day. It has evolved over time, from snarky political-cultural writing, with a dash of Saudi crime stories, to an overly serious religion and theology blog.

Which chronicles my change. So, it’s a fair representation of things.

Still, perhaps there should be more day to day. So, I’m sitting in my basement apartment this morning in overly cold Moses Lake (temp today: 10F/-12C), trying to stay warm and waiting for my laundry to be done. Jennifer is sleeping. I woke up this morning with an entry for my other blog in mind (because yes, now I have two of them). Coffee has just brewed. Once Jennifer wakes up and is more or less fully conscious, we’ll do church.

Right here in our basement. St. John-in-the-Wilderness Anglican worship for the Fourth Sunday in Advent. With hymns and communion and service music I wrote myself. I intend to broadcast some or much of that music live on Facebook today. Or Twitter. Or something.

And maybe I will even eventually broadcast worship services.

Jennifer and I are church people without a church. I’ve chronicled a lot of that here, too. We are trying to be two — or more — who are gathered, though I was reminded recently that isn’t so much a general description of Christ’s presence with believers, but rather Jesus telling his disciples that he is there when sisters and brothers try to deal with sins in their midst.

I won’t say any more, since I’ve already talked about this at length.

But a blessed Fourth Sunday in Advent, everyone.

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