Perriman: A conversation with Emi about salvation and mission

Andrew Perriman has this fascinating conversation with a 17-year-old reader of his blog about what exactly it means that we are followers of Jesus. Basically, I am in rough agreement with what Perriman says here — or he’s in agreement with me.

At any rate, it’s worth reading.

* * *

Emi is a seventeen year old high school student in the Seattle area. She has posted a couple of lengthy comments on this site in which she expresses the struggle she is going through trying to reconcile the narrative-historical reading of the New Testament, which she understands and summarises remarkably well, with certain deeply held convictions about salvation.I wrote a piece on the biblical argument about salvation in response to her first comment. Here I’ve tried to answer her second set of questions, which have to do more with the motivation for mission—and indeed for being Christian at all. Hopefully it adds something new to the conversation and I am not just repeating myself.

Source: A conversation with Emi about salvation and mission

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