An Update

Greetings all. I have been battling the flu for the last few days, and up until this morning, I felt like I was either dying or already dead or raised from the dead by some demonic alchemy.

I am, however, human again. Praise be to God!

Now, it’s Jennifer’s turn to get her head plugged and have the headache that will never end and the body aches and all that comes with. We even got flu shots in October — what a waste.

So, my brain has been barely working, just enough to type out copy at work and walk with a couple of kids who have been texting me. Anything else has been … more than I could manage.

Barring someone assigning me some kind of devotional — I liked the Advent series we did — blogging will likely be light. Unless I’m inspired. And since I am a gold-plated pessimist about Donald J. Trump, billionaire president-elect, I will try to keep comments about him to a minimum, since I’ve nothing really to add.

There’s gospel out there to be preached, to be heard, to be lived!

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