My Children, and My Children’s Children

From my other blog as Psalm 10 Ministries…

Psalm 10 Ministries

I’m a little late to the lenten reflection thing this year. It’s been hard, being without a proper congregation to worship with. And not being terribly motivated to do all the worship work at home. With my dad’s death in January, it would have been nice to have been part of a worshipping community.

But, as I have said before, no one wants me. I am no one’s brother.

Even Psalm 10 Ministries has slowed down. Which is kind of okay, I guess. I waver between being needed the way the kids who text me in that ministry need me, and the emotional and even spiritual drain of it all. More than anything, I yearn for a simple life in and amidst fellow believers who accept me as beloved brother and fellow disciple of Christ. A life of simple worship and simple service. A life where I can give myself…

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