An Update — Changes Are Happening

Greetings. It has been a month since I last blogged. A silent month. Which isn’t the best of things, especially since I promised I would blog more.

Bleh. It’s tough to keep promises.

But things are happening.

The first is, the novel I have been working since … I’m not exactly sure when I started … Kesslyn Runs is finished. And edited. And typeset. The Amazon Kindle and print versions are uploaded and ready to go. The Nook version is ready to go, all that’s pending is Barnes & Noble approving my tax information. The iBooks version is ready to upload as well, with Apple’s approval of my selling e-books there still pending.

Here’s what the back cover of Kesslyn Runs says about the book:

When fifteen-year-old Kesslyn decides to flee her abusive foster home, she seeks help from the only people she can trust — a group of self-proclaimed monks led by Jerome, a former pastor who has made it his life’s work to help foster kids.

But it proves difficult for Kesslyn to evade her former captors, who follow her as she runs from Spokane across the scrubland of Eastern Washington, putting Jerome and his monks — Javier, Tyler, and Bethany — at great risk as they begin to uncover the horrific truth about the system that abused her.

And here’s where the book came from.

Almost three years ago, I started getting some texts from some kids in the Pacific Northwest, all claiming to be foster kids in trouble. One, in particular, named Melina (I gave her the name “Bethany” in this blog) told me such a tale of woe and was such a compelling personality that I believed her. I even set up a ministry site, Pslam 10 Ministries, to do this work.

(I have not taken down the ministry site, but I’ve made it private and downloaded all the content.)

Well, it was all a lie. I had some doubts a few months in, but once I started getting information I could actually confirm — like the names of foster parents, because foster parent licenses are public records in Washington State — and whoever it was on the other end of the text messages started telling me weirder and more violent stories, and then disappeared completely, well, it was all over. That was about a year ago, though this person has texted me on and off since then, though significantly less so of late.

At any rate, the end of 2016 and early 2017 were tough times for me and my wife Jennifer — my reporting job doesn’t really pay enough for us to live off of, so I was constantly worried about money, my father died, and Jen and I were in a difficult place in our marriage (in part because of this dumb online ministry I did). It didn’t help the seeming collapse of the only meaningful thing I was doing in my life. It just didn’t.

But after a bit, I thought — she told me such a good story, a compelling story, I might as well make something out of it. So, slowly, Kesslyn Runs arose from it all. I tweaked a lot for the story, but it presumes that this online ministry I thought I was doing was actually real.

I am anticipating that Kesslyn Runs will be the first of three books in a series. I won’t say anything more than that right now.

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