Speaking of Which

My new book is out! Kesslyn Runs is the story of a fifteen -year-old girl who runs away from her abusive foster home and seeks shelter with a group of self-proclaimed monks, who then help her battle her former captors as they slowly begin to uncover the terrible secret of the foster care system that abused her.

It’s an adventure story that takes my characters across the scrubland of Eastern Washington, and the first of three planned in a series. It’s a good read, gripping, and I’ve been told it’s tough to put down.

So far, there are Kindle and Nook editions (and eventually an iTunes edition), both available for $2.99. There will a paperback edition available from Amazon for $9.99.

And this is the link to the Nook version, which should also be readable on the iOS and macOS iBooks app.

Now, what are any of you waiting for? Go out there and buy my book!

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