A Halloween Update

I’ve noticed an uptick in interest in this blog. Which is odd, since I’m not sure what has happened. But I won’t say no to the attention.

(Also, someone wanted to look at the Psalm 10 Ministries blog. Sorry, but no.)

I’ve been silent here simply because I’ve been busy with work, I’ve been deep in thinking about the follow-up to KESSLYN RUNS (which I will start writing soon), and I have been focusing my daily worship on Anglican morning prayer, which I have been live streaming every morning round about 0615 Pacific Time on my author Facebook page. That is, until Facebook/Chrome/Firefox simply started preventing me from streaming an entire worship service. Bleh. I can’t seem to get anything to work.

Plus, to be honest, I don’t have a lot to say. I mean I do — a soft authoritarianism seems to be sweeping the world, and it confirms something I’ve long felt but never really expressed, that the Likud and the BJP showed us what the future of democratic governance would look like. And rather than pound that into essays, I’ve decided to try and weave some form of that into The Emergency as I write the two follow-up novels. I tend to be a fatalist in the matter of politics, have seen dictatorship coming for some time (given what we invest in politics, I believe it was inevitable), and am not sure what can be done to stop it. (The Emergency is a centrist attempt to forestall conflict by imposing a settlement, anchoring and institutionalizing progressive social change in a very nationalist and militarist foundation.)

It has taken so long to get the sequel started simply because we had a shakeup at work, I’ve been dealing with some diet related problems (I have been slowly developing some annoying food sensitivities that mean I need to really watch what I eat). And I needed to spend some quality time with some firearms, in order to be able to write about them coherently. So, last week, I finally got to the shooting range in Ephrata with a Washington State licensed firearms instructor and shot a Sig Sauer P-320 (I’d never shot a pistol before), the Marine Corps’ Bernelli M4 tactical shotgun (also something I’d never shot before, though in the Army, I saw a demonstration of shotgun techniques), and a few military long rifles, mostly Israeli. There will be some gunplay in the next two novels, and I needed to have a feel for the weapons. It was fun, and apparently I’m good at it. I managed to keep a tight shot pattern on weapons that had never been zeroed for me, and the instructor told me after shooting the Sig Sauer, “You have no bad habits to unlearn and I could certify you right now.”

Oh, a teaser — I had been planning to keep “Kesslyn” in the titles to all the novels (KESSLYN RUNS followed by KESSLYN FIGHTS or something like that) but I didn’t really like where that was going.

So … the follow up novel will be called GETHSEMANE CHECKPOINT.

A blessed All Hallows Eve, everyone!

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