The Journey is Too Great For Me

I won’t lie. The last few months have been a difficult time, of waiting and of frustration. I am called to do something I cannot be right now, I cannot find paying work (and I am trying), Jennifer and I are nearly destitute, and we have to find another place to live soon. Which I’m hoping will be solved by work. But there are no guarantees right now.

I am frightened. I feel useless and very isolated, and wonder if anything will ever be any better. Or even any different. Continue reading

The Hope I Have

I’m dealing with some despair right now. Despair that I don’t have work, haven’t had work for a year and a half and cannot seem to find any, don’t belong to a community of people where I can live out my call to preach and teach, and that things are not happening with my book as fast as I would like. (Fame? Fortune? Merely being noticed?)

And so I’m reminded of God’s words to Jeremiah, words Jeremiah is commanded to speak to the exile of Judah living along the banks of the Tigris not far from Babylon. Continue reading